Wednesday, 10 November 2010

i got my sushi yesterday so all is good. today, i had a tutorial at uni about learning and personal goals etc... it went pretty well & my work seems to be going in the right direction. i was a bit worried about the final major, as i want to major in journalism but i didn't really know what to do for my final piece so it is good. i feel like at the exhibition, the people whose work is amazing photo shoots will look so good, and mine will be boring writing, but she told me not to think like that and not to compare my work to others. so that's good. i'm thinking of doing some sort of music magazine/zine thing & collaborating with an illustrator or photographer, or BOTH!

i have finished my draft dissertation, so that is all ready for hand in on Friday. i have just e-mailed the course leader as i want to hand mine in slightly earlier so that i can get going home as it's gonna be my birthday, and we are going out for a nice meal! my mum booked it today at a nice bistro, so i'm looking forward to it lots. i shall hopefully take lots of pictures & then i will post them up when i return. i don't have a clue what to wear though.

on another petty note, i HATE it when people use things without asking. ALL of my butter has been used, which i realised when i found the very nearly empty carton in the fridge, and then today, quite a bit of my milk (which, by the way is the more expensive organic one i was forced into buying as there wasn't the cheaper variety i am used to) has gone. i don't mind people borrowing my things a bit to a certain extent, but i just wish they would ask! it doesn't take much for a quick text. arghhhh i think as this is my fourth year of student accommodation it is starting to grate on me. i guess it's the same for most people.

blah, blah, blah.

p.s i really want some new shoes. or perhaps a couple of pairs.

speak soon


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