Thursday, 11 November 2010

hello, well i have just submitted my draft dissertation on the computer thing; Turnitin & it was successful. i have only plagiarized by 9%, which is pretty goddamn good. i was stressing so much that i had plagiarized loads, not that i actually have, but i was worried incase i didn't realise! hope everyone had a 2 minute silence today at 11 am!?! i did. well, i was driving in my car so had no reason to speak really, apart from singing along to Backstreet Boys which i managed to stop for a couple of minutes whilst i payed tribute.

today has been so miserable, and i had to walk around loads in the rain to try and get my draft dissertation printed, because me being very stupid sent my printer inks which i just purchased the other day online for a nice sum of £30 to my home in Hull, by accident. silly me. i went to a printers but they were fully booked, so i reluctantly had to go to the overpriced Staples, who said i will have to pick it up tomorrow morning from 9. on my birthday as well :(
after i hand it in, i shall be on my travels back to Hull. Marcus has said he will drive, which i am very happy about. so i can relax and by the dj on our journey up there. yayy. my mum said earlier that my birthday cake won't be available until Saturday as my dad has ordered it. very random. my dad is so cute sometimes, bless him. i thought they would have just bought me one from Tesco, but i'm not complaining!!

one of my housemates mum is here at the moment, and she cooked us dinner tonight. it was amazing!! home cooked steak pie. yum yum. here is a photograph of the lovely food, as taken by Emma.


right i am going now. eeeeee my birthday in just under an hour and a half!!! i don't wanna be 23 :(

speak when i get back from Hull!

bye xo

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