Monday, 8 November 2010

well, i have written about 5,700 words for my draft dissertation & i am pretty happy. i just hope that it's good and i'm not going to fail! at uni today (after i had managed to clamber up the hill in the wind and rain) we had a mini lecture with an ex-student called Charlotte Jacklin. it was really interesting actually, and she told us about what she had done, her contacts and other useful stuff. i've decided i might try & compile a list of contacts i have from previous work experience (which isn't much) as we need it for our exit portfolio.

tomorrow i am going with my boyfriend to London, as he has to go to hospital, but after-wards i think we are either going for some food at one of the yummy Korean restaurants just off Oxford Street or go to this awesome Chinese supermarket near Greenwich. i love it in there. everything is super cheap & some of the things are named quite funny names. well to the English it is! and last time we saw the Chinese girl off Big Brother....well i didn't really know who she was but it's still kinda cool i guess???

i am going home on Friday after dissertation hand in. it is going to be my BIRTHDAY! oh god, i shall be 23! sooo old! i was hoping that there would be a tiny furry friend to greet me, as my parents sad that they want another dog. (don't know if i wrote about losing my other dog Muffin in summer? anyway it was sad times & she will never be forgotten :( ) but yeah, with me being away & my dad working, my poor lil' mumma feels lonely on a day to day basis & wants a little friend around the house. unfortunately they said that they are going to wait until after the New Year to get one. booooo. we have been thinking of names, some of them crazy. my mum even texted me at 9 on Sunday as i was driving to work, asking if i could text her as she had a list of names, haha. the ones i am liking at the moment are; Gracey, Evie, Lily and Ruby. a few of these are also possible names i would like to call my child, haha. well, when i have one of course! i am rather sad too & spend hours Google-ing 'cute puppies', 'tiny baby puppies', and so on. here are a few favourites! oh and yes, the first one is a cat, and it is just there for pure comedy value. i bloody love it. it looks so disheartened. it will probably be what i look like on Friday! ha!


over and out!


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