Tuesday, 17 August 2010

too bronzed?


i'm not doing much today apart from browsing blogs/sites & attempting to watch The Descent. god knows why i want to watch it again, cause the first time scared me so much! it is a good horror though.

anyway, i found this on Nylon's site. as if looking orange wasn't bad enough, now Too Faced have brought out 'tanned' lip gloss. that is a bit too far i think. why on earth would you want tanned lips? i read about this here, & i just really don't get it. a cute pink, or fiery red looks so nice, especially in summer, but having your lips blend into your skin, hmmmm????

i am trying to convince myself to write my dissertation. so far i have about 100 words. only 9,900 to go. oh & i'm also going to do some martial arts tonight wahooo. it is only a free trial class, but fingers crossed i will love it! i'm kinda dubious right now.

bye bye


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