Monday, 9 August 2010

(pictures from here)

i love love love this girls style. she looks so cute & i want every item she is wearing! i definitely need quite a few pairs of chunky wedges, as soon as i can afford them. i'm saving for Reading atm, so i don't have money to spend on beautiful clothing & shoes, like the ones below. they're from a Swedish company & would work out about £75ish, which i don't think is bad. i just don't have a spare £75 right now though :(

i am mega excited for Reading. i made a list of things i need to take, & it is gradually growing. i think soon we are going to have a pre-Reading camping night, which should be pretty cool, as last time was awesome (apart from the insane hangover!!)

anyway, nothing exciting has happened lately, apart from getting drunk and stuff ha. also, last time i briefly wrote about my dog, Muffin being ill, well anyway she got put down last Wednesday :( i still can't believe she has gone, & i don't think it will properly sink in until i go home & see she is no longer there. death sucks, but it was the best thing for her. we didn't want to leave it until she was in pain, as obviously it wouldn't have been fair to her. i'll never forget her ♥


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