Thursday, 19 August 2010


i know i don't usually post about catwalk fashion etc...but i was just looking through & i love Dior's Couture 2010/11 collection. i always usually like Dior's couture collection's, especially the make-up & hair. most of the time it has a 40s/50s/60s look to it, which are my favourite eras for beauty.

in my opinion, these are some of the best make-up & hair looks, & garments from the collection. for my summer project, which i haven't done much of (eeeek), i am concentrating on on nature & flowers, so this collection is pretty good as inspiration & research.

this looks amazing! i absolutely love it & i think the lipstick shade is gorgeous. i really want to try a darker shade of lipstick, such as a plum colour, so i might take the plunge & go for it. not sure which brand to go for though. anyway, in the image above; the way they have used bright colours but it still looks really classy & 50's is so nice. thumbs up! the garments, seen below, are also stunning & given the use of bright colours, still remain to look sophisticated with the 40s/50s glamour.

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right, i'm going to watch Wrong Turn 2 now. i hope it's as good as the first!

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