Friday, 14 May 2010


hiya, my shoot went really well the other day, so i'm pleased :) i feel pretty ahead with my work which is good. i was stressing out how i doubt i will finish, but i have dones most stuff, just need to lay it down etc.. Tonight i need to take pictures for my Vox Pop section. i am going to a charity gig, it's one of the last times Marcus's old band will be playing, so hopefully i should get some willing victims to take pictures of. when i have edited and changed the size of the images, i shall post them. i'm also changing them quite a bit for my actual magazine layout, but i shall post them at a later date.

today i went in Chatham quickly (and very quickly as i hate walking around on my own, even in the day!) but i was very pleasantly surprised to find that Boots now do Models Own! yay! i don't know whether they do in other Boots, but i've never seen it so i'm assuming it's new to them. as i am now being a good girl and not spending money on unnecessary stuff anymore (after a few tears shed in London) i only got a lipstick because i took some hair colour back :) so go me. the hair colour was less, but i only had to put 21p towards it, so i couldn't not have it really! i got the baby pink, which is very similar to the Barry M 100 i use, but a tiny shade lighter. i still love the Barry M one of course, but just thought i'd try something new. i really like it, and i love the way it goes on. i hate lipsticks which are all shimmery and you can't really see the colour when you put it on your lips, but this one does the job! they also have lovely nail colours and other treats but i shall have to wait til payday :(

these are a couple of the pictures. they aren't properly done and stuff yet. and i don't even know if i shall be using these two in the actual magazine.

good bye for now



  1. Those photos look fantastic, especially the first one, I love! I get such a buzz from taking stuff back and then you pretty much have to buy something else cos it's like it's free!

  2. thanks! yeah totally agree :D