Tuesday, 11 May 2010

shoot anticipation

it is my shoot tomorrow! eeek! i hope it goes good. me and my friend Kirsty are modelling. i've got sooo many clothes and accessories, so hopefully it will look how i want. i went to London today with Marcus to see his consultant. it was so cold again, when is summer going to come? i hate not knowing what to wear when i go out. when i got back i had a lovely suprise sitting outside my door...my eyelashes! yay they finally came, and they're quite good really. good timing as i might use some tomorrow. AND my new iphone!! eeeeee! so exciting. i only ordered it the other day. it was supposed to come tomorrow, but they decided to deliver it today so i'm not complaining. i love it. i've already downloaded some COOL apps like making ice creams, making princesses and looking after a baby chihuahua

i modeled for my friend's shoot the other day. it was really fun and the photos look awesome. i shall post some up tomorrow if she will let me!

ohh fingers crossed mine will go how i want!

these are my eyelashes. all the way from Hong Kong :D

bye xo


  1. puhleassssse tell me more about the making apps! i have an iphone and ive had it for 2 months and feel myself getting bored of it! waaah!

    good luck for your shoot!

  2. welll, download puppet jump - new fave! he's so cute and you get to customise him! also Creamy Ice is fun :) you may not like these, i am kinda a geek and love silly little games, but try them out anyway :)

    and thankss, it went pretty good. will post pictures up soon