Sunday, 16 May 2010


so fuck my fucking life right now! so yeah i bought a hard drive to put all my work and images on because my laptop memory is proper small. i go to do some work this afternoon after i got back from work, my hard drive is working fine, i go make some dinner and then come back, try to open a file...but oh no my hard drive decides there aren't any files on it! then i go a bit mental and turn my computer off and on again like all the pro's do, and then my laptop doesn't recognise the hard drive AT ALL. i ring technology king Marcus, but after like an hour he can't even get it to work :( FUCK FUCK FUCK. it has ALL of my work on it which is due in next Monday! and also every photo shoot and other work i've done like EVER :( plus i've done so much goddamn work for this project! i've nearly finished my magazine (which i was pretty happy with as well) but no it might have all gone.

i hate the "FML" phrase, but right now it seems pretty suited to this situation.

tomorrow morning i shall go straight to PC World where i got this bastard hard drive from, and if it has all gone, well i don't know what i'm going to do...cry lol.

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