Tuesday, 20 April 2010

go 'FYS' yourself!

haha, i just saw on my friend's blog that she posted a picture from Puricute. i totally forgot about that site. it's awesome for making these little kawaii style pictures. if you read my blog you know i love all that stuff. i did a couple. excuse my stupid goon face!

also another site which lets you add stuff to pictures, is the Four Year Strong site. they have a section called 'FYS' yourself. it's quite fun (if you like this stuff like me) and takes up 5 minutes of your time. go check it out and make some crazy pics. here's mine ha!

you can so tell i have no Uni work to do atm. argh.


  1. i love puricute! there's a purikura booth in chinatown, i wanna steal it! xo

  2. omg where?! i tried to find it but i couldn't :( x

  3. oh sooo cute, i wanna go play!