Tuesday, 20 April 2010

go away ash cloud

well my loan was in, and yes i have spent loads. i am rubbish with money. i am going to be really good with the rest though :) i hope! i handed in my essay this morning. i was the first one! ohhh yeah ;) well it was cause i had to be somewhere but still, i felt pretty happy. however i do think it is probably the worst thing i've ever written. i sooo hope i pass.
today i went to Bluewater. i actually only bought a vest and skirt from H&M, for the bargain price of £2.99 each. see i might be spending my money, but it's not a lot! i looked all over for some thigh-high socks, but no where has them apart from American Apparel but there isn't one there :( i was going to send away for some but the stupid ash cloud from Iceland is slowing down the airmail, so i will probably be visiting an Apparel before it arrived. there was loads of stuff from there which i wanted but it is rather expensive for what it is. i think i will be good and just get the socks! me and the boyfriend also treated ourselves to Yo! Sushi. i pass it all the time but i've never actually been, and it was yummy. it's definitely going to be a regular place i shall go. i love the layout of it, and the belt with all the food going round. we got some of the hot Katsu curry and it was amazing. it's the same dish as i get in Wagamama. so nice.

Uni is starting up again this week. we have our new briefing on thursday. can't believe it's our last 2nd project..eeeek! i'm quite excited about doing it. i think i am going to an interview type piece on my boyfriend's new band with some images, a couple of photo shoots and trend pages etc... should be good! we have our film event on thursday. i really don't want our film to be shown, but i'm rather excited about getting drunk! might just get drunk early and then i won't care ha.

ohhh just have to mention...i bought Company magazine yesterday and omggg - Taylor Momsen you biatch. (my friend Kayleigh will hate me) but she comes across so arrogant in it! you may have nice hair Momsen, but it doesn't mean you can be a snooty little brat!! she just sounds really stuck up in it, and as though she is better than everyone else, especially Blake Lively (Serena) and Leighton Meester (Blair) didn't think she would be like that.

bye bye xo


  1. OH! and i totally agree about taylor momsen! the bit where shes like, "i have more experience than a lot of them" snobbbbb!

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    Hiya emily, its lois! this is my new blog I dont use my other one anymore, so Ive readded you! add me back lovely. I love reading your blog!


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  4. aww thanks chick :) okk, i have added the new one :) yeah, she came across awful in that interview!