Monday, 6 February 2012

hospital days

i've been in hospital for most of today (family reasons) so i've literally been back about an hour and a half. i decided i wouldn't be able to get straight to sleep and had the sudden urge to draw. i'm so happy i have started drawing properly again as it's something i have done all my life and to lose that would suck. as you can see on the screen of my computer - i have model pictures, like i said yesterday, i am finding them really inspiring. usually the backstage shots and beauty close ups i like best but i may do some catwalk illustrations soon. perhaps in mix media too as i like to mess around. anyway, the picture i've done tonight is of Daphne Groeneveld. she has such an interesting face. the image looks kinda scary and it's not finished yet, but when i am i shall scan it in (as my crappy iphone picture does not do it justice) and post it on here and my portfolio site. 

i still love sketching my all time favourite Charlotte Free, so i may do some later this week. tomorrow i will be at the hospital again so i will pack my new polka-dot back pack from Primark (so cute!) full of pens, pencils and plenty of paper!

au revoir,

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