Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hop Farm Festival

Just got back from a weekend at the Hop Farm Festival in Kent. Basically didn't think I would be going at all but luck was on my side & i managed too + had an awesome time! my poor nose is all burnt so i look very silly right now but it was all fun! Morrissey was AMAZING...literally the best artist live i've ever seen. he played such an awesome set list which included a few Smiths songs. 'There is a light that never goes out' managed to make me get a bit teary, but it was tears of joy!
Death Cab were also good + so were The Human League + The Eagles.
We all got burnt, saw awesome music, drank lots, went on mental rides and saw some very very funny things. Such a good time & i will definitely go back next year as long as the line-up is pretty decent. the whole atmosphere of Hop Farm just seems so much nicer than Reading Fest.
Next to look forward to is Hevy in August + then a lovely trip to Paris with my boyfriend, yay!

Today has consisted of food and bathing. Just need to catch up on some sleep & then the long drive home for a week tomorrow to (hopefully) be looked after by my mummy.


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