Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hello Kitty Cafe

so i went to seoul in south korea this june for 3 weeks, with my boyfriend and his family. i had such an amazing time. i've never visted asia before so i could not wait to get there. i had researched a bit about seoul before we went and i found out about the hello kitty cafe. i was so excited to go and i eventually did. it was AMAZING. so pretty and girly.
i took loads of pictures of it, and as you can see everything was pink and so cute. the food was also amazing. i had a hot chocolate (complete with kitty's face) and a banana + chocolate waffle - it was the best!
even the females working there have a little pink bow in their hair, which was adorable. the picture order is a bit messed up, but you can see the outside and interior parts. i have so many pictures from my trip so i will probably do a few more posts about places i visited.

+need to start packing a few bits up as going to hop farm in kent
+collect uni work

oh & i also need to carry on looking for jobs. urgh it's so tedious & annoying. if anyone wants to give me a job, i would be more than grateful!

emily xo

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