Sunday, 17 July 2011

everyday is like sunday.

i know it's weird as i seem to be blogging a lot more..but i guess i have quite a bit of time on my hands. especially seeing as though my boyfriend is in hospital right now, i'm kinda alone in his room on nights, wahhh :( i don't even know if anyone reads this blog? oh well! this shall only be a quick one.

the pictures i posted are from the little photo-booths they have in korea. they're all over the place so i couldn't wait to get some done. we did a few more with marcus' brother + cousin, so i will try get my hands on them and post them up. we look quite miserable on some of them...i don't know why?! i literally was in my element!

today has been rainy + not much going on, but the apprentice! now that was good. i had to watch it on a crappy hospital tv + go move the aerial around every 2 seconds + could hardly see the screen...but i could hear what was going on...+ if you haven't watched already *spoiler alert* then do not read on...but yay i am so happy tom won! to be honest i thought all their business plans were pretty crap. i really didn't want jim to win cause he's well...he's jim. i really liked susan, but i guess organic products isn't really an original idea, and i did like helen lots but she started to annoy me. she pitched her idea. lord sugar and karen said they were disappointed and thought she would have done some bakery thing. then right at the last minute she decided to pitch her idea of wanting to open an organic bakery + that was really her dream blah blah blah...errrr then why didn't you pitch that in the first place?! anyway, tom was brilliant, + such a little nerd, but also so nice. i hope he goes far!

right, bed time for me. i might even watch the notebook with having no boyfriend around.