Sunday, 17 July 2011

calender days.

bleurghhhh, the weather is so rubbish right now. i thought it was meant to be summer. someone already depressed me slightly yesterday by stating that the "nights were getting darker quicker, and winter will be soon upon us". jeeeeeeeez, talk about pessimistic. i like to think we will get beautiful sunshine soon, like we did a few weeks ago. i took the image above on quite a nice, sunny day at a park in kent somewhere with lots of land + deers. with the filter on it looks quite depressive, but it was nice! i guess this picture sums up how the days have been recently.

i applied for a few jobs last night, including a visual merchandiser for american apparel - that would be pretty good. i'm also taking the apply-for-everything approach. can't harm i guess. oh + below is such a cool idea by oscar diaz. it's an ink calendar, which does what it says on the tin - the ink runs through the days of the month. i think it's really nice & wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to buy me it (ha).
going now to watch angry boys + get ready + look for more jobs + eat + then visit my boyfriend in hospital.
happy sunday!


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