Friday, 1 April 2011

i really, really say it all the time, but i shall get into this blog again soon. i am lame. loads of people have blogs and are doing their fmp, but i just struggle to find time to post. i feel all my spare time should be spent doing work. and that is why right now i am so tired. beyond words. partly due to work, and partly due to myself. it is early in the morning right now and i have work, yet again tomorrow so i shall speed this up and vacate to the land of dreamzz. uni is good but hard. work is boring and i am there all weekend. everything else is pretty ok. can't complain. went to london yesterday and managed to get my septum pierced. i'm quite surprised i actually went through with it but i thought what the hell, i want a piercing other than my ears before i get too old, and with the septum, it hides really easily. when i turn the bar thing up, you cannot even see i have it done. voila! it shall be permanently up when i visit the parents. oh & to add to my tiredness was walking around london yesterday, and then trekking to kingston to go to my boyfriend's gig, only to get stranded there as someone jumped infront of a train earlier, therefore stopping any trains from going anywhere. i managed to get a bed thanks to a good friend, but with the busy london traffic outside the window, i didn't get much of a sleep.

right, bed in a minute, but before i go, here are some pictures from the blog vintage is the new black. i just loveeee everything she wears and she simply looks amazing.

night xo

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  1. Im kind of now cursing you now lady legge as you have got me physically addicted to this blog!! She is amazing!! gaahh! *shakes fists* xoxo