Monday, 4 April 2011

hello, i had my third review today, and the last one before hand in!! eeek! it went ok apart from some (in my opinion) not very constructive comments. i'm all for constructive criticism, but when it's just a bit pointless then i'm not. anyway that's over now, and i'm happy with my project. one point which was made was to add some more illustrations to my illustration editorial. i did these two tonight. any thoughts on them would be greatly appreciated! i'm pretty happy with them but it's made me realise tonight that i do really love drawing and i guess i wish i had taken that course at uni. i do love fashion, but i also find illustration so interesting and i always seem to be doing it in my spare time.
the jumpsuit is from asos and the swimsuit from american apparel. i am happy with them and i really like the jumpsuit. anyway, i still have plenty of work to do, so i will probably work until about 2.00am. oh the fun. i cannot wait to fly away to korea in june.


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