Wednesday, 3 November 2010

hello! a cheesy picture of me above haha. just thought i would post a recent one. just a quick post! i cannot believe it is my birthday next Friday! arghhh going to be 23! i feel so old. Marcus was going to buy me some lovely wedges from River Island for my present, but they have sold out of my size everywhere & even on the site. oh well, must have not meant to have them! he was unsure of what to buy me instead, so i had a look on Asos, at the oh so lovely Disney Couture stuff. i have a couple of things from there, including a treasure chest ring & the Disney castle on a chain. anyway, i found this really cute ring which i fell in love with straight away. it's part of The Little Mermaid part, which i think is fitting due to my red hair, ha! he bought it earlier & i am so excited to get it!!! here is a picture..

i spoke to my mum earlier, planning about the weekend i am going up to see them. i miss them sooooo much. will be nice to go home again for a couple of days. also the day of my birthday is my draft dissertation hand in, so i will be very relieved when that is out of the way!

Christmas shopping is kinda getting on its way a bit. i bought my mum an awesome present the other to go see Maroon 5 in February! yessss. she adores them, and i always look to see if they are touring, & this time i was in luck so i just had to get them. i bought ones for London as i thought it would be nice if i went with her and we could have a day in London before it starts. also, i didn't think my dad would really enjoy going to see them.

i've done so much work recently. i wrote 3,000 words just about yesterday, so i have around about 4,500ish. only need a couple more thousand for my draft hand in. i want to try and hand in as much as possible so she can mark it and help me. i hope i do well!

right, i'm going to have some well deserved rest & watch Gossip Girl. i need to catch up! on the 5th episode of season 4.

bye bye xo


  1. you look so cute! i cant believe how old you are ;-) but no really, i cant believe how long ago we were 16? so mad!

  2. aww haha thanks. i know, it's crazy isn't it!! i was thinking the other day, about when we all used to go to Spiders, like every weekend! miss those times! :(