Wednesday, 27 October 2010


oh wow, i haven't written on this for ages!! well i didn't have the internet for ageeeees when i moved into my new house & now i'm in the 3rd year at uni, i've been super busy. i don't even know if anyone reads this?! oh well! i have been posting quite a bit on my tumblr account. you should add me if you have it? i love it! i bet it will make me fail my course! eeek.

anyway i feel i want to start blogging on here again. just for the sheer hell of it! right now i am a busy bee, trying to do my power point presentation for my 2nd review tomorrow. i have done nearly all of it, i just need to figure out what i'm saying. i'm really scared, but i just hope it goes ok and they like my idea!
the project is a fragrance one. we had to start it during summer and get loads of research & sketch random things. anyway, eventually i drew flowers etc.. which then lead onto looking at Pre-Raphaelite paintings and stuff. we have to launch a perfume for an existing brand. we can either re-brand a perfume, or pick a company that don't have one already. i chose the V&A. i am actually kinda enjoying it, but i just want it to be over so i can get on with my dissertation & get it all handed in!

i found a really cute perfume bottle in a charity shop for £2.99! my lecturer told me that one girl spent £50 on one! crazzzzy. for my outcome i am going to do an advert, a press pack and then 5 written pieces for different publications, including Vogue, The Telegraph and Grazia. below is my bottle. i shot it in the studio. i still need to edit it and stuff and then add it to a background. i will post up some of the backgrounds i have taken. they are flowers, but in a kinda of abstract way.


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