Saturday, 10 July 2010

hello, i haven't posted for quite a while because i have had lotss to do & i was at home last week, so busy busy busy! this will also only be a small post. i had such a nice time at home, but it went really fast. it was nice to see my family & friends, & just have a bit of mummy/daughter time. it was also nice to have a bit of a break from Marcus due to the fact i am living at his now over summer. i did miss him like crazy though, & i think he missed me. i hope!

yesterday we went to Greenwich Park & it was so lovely. the weather was amazing & we went to one of my favourite restaurants - Cafe Rouge. i ♥ it so much. we both had cod goujons & they were yummy. i really wanted the pate, but i didn't want to have a starter as well & look greedy! there was also an awesome record shop, with some amazing finds, but all the stuff i wanted was out of my price range really. especially now i am being good. there was a Black Flag vinyl in the window, but it was £14. i know it's not a lot, but i do need to save for Reading. eeeeeee! it's not that far away & i am super excited!

i love this picture, it has a 60s kinda feel. it was taken on my iPhone using the Hipastamatic app i downloaded.

bye bye, will write more interesting stuff soon



  1. awh im glad your back posting! emily, do you have any friends that have good blogs? i want some good blogs to read! x

  2. Hipstamatic is amazing. Love it, and your photos.

  3. thanks guys :)

    and yeah i do Lois. here's a couple;