Tuesday, 22 June 2010

what to do, what to do?

i most definitely need to dye my extensions or something. my real hair is getting so light every time i wash it and probably cause of the sun (as seen in the picture above - sorry about the pout ha!) i have recently been thinking about just dyeing it red again. i know most people will tell me no because they all know how long it took me to get the red out, but i did really like it. i think my hair is like a vacuum and sucks colour in! these are some pictures of when i had my hair red, which make me want it back! i do however also want to be blonde, so i am kinda in a conundrum.


  1. I loved the red! Bring it back!
    Hope you're having a nice break from uni. My summer proj is so far at the back of my mind, I can't imagine actually doing it!

  2. keep the colour you've got now, it's more lovelier than the red. xo

  3. aw thanks guys, you both say different things though haha. i shall think about it a bit more :D

    i am having a nice break from uni Gem, are you? omg i have no clue on this project. i've started sketching stuff but i don't know if it's right! i e-mailed Dennis but he was very vague & told me it is totally up to me what to do! arghhh!