Thursday, 24 June 2010

salad days

i have so eagerly awaited a good copy of Remember Me to be online. i know it's bad to watch them illegally online, but everyone does it! anyway i have finally found one! oh the joy! i am just about to watch it. soooo excited. i hope it lives up to my expectations & makes me cry lots, ha! today is extremely hot again, but i am loving it. i have been quite productive & cleaned the bathroom floor & various other bits. it was yucky & gross! i have decided i am going to be good & start to eat healthy. i am going to drink lotssss of water & not snack on rubbish. i did however go out for an Indian last night courtesy of the boyf's parents - very nice of them! - so that was not healthy LOL but i didn't eat too much so i shall let myself off. i am still going to go out for meals & stuff, cause i proper love food, not gonna lie!

this is the colour i painted my nails, from that Emily polish i found in Spain. i think it's really cute. i usually prefer more intense colours on my nails, but this is a nice change. & below i decided to post pictures showing my hair colour in the true light. it's kinda gingery i guess.
i do really like it, & like i said in my previous post, i would love to dye it red again but i just don't know whether i want to go through the whole hassle of getting it out again in the future. it was such a task! i might leave it & perhaps put a colour on it next week as i have a bit of roots coming through.

right, i'm going to watch the film. hope it's good!!

p.s well done England yesterday! let's hope they can keep it up!

bye bye xo

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