Wednesday, 30 June 2010

au revoir

OH MY GOD i am so tired. well the past couple of days have been mental. today was the day we had to be out of Cressey Court. we have done non stop cleaning & gardening for 3 days. argh! Claire came down with her parents on Monday & to be honest, we couldn't have done it without them. they have done so much bless them. i bet as well, our fat landlord will not even appreciate it. anyway, yesterday i said to Claire, 'let's find a new place'. so we did. within half an hour, we had found one! it's like 1 minute down the road & is about £60 cheaper a month for me, which is a big bonus. it's a very old house, & has six rooms. mine is at the front & looks like it will be very nice once i add some character to it. i want some cute curtains, & nice pictures to give it a girly feel.

after all the hard work, me & Marcus decided to go to a Chinese buffet. yum yum. then we had a look around some charity shops. i got a cute bag. it's deffo from an old lady, but they do have some pretty good stuff! i ♡ it!
it was only £1.50. bargain!

i am currently sat in Marcus's room, as i have moved in for summer. i am just watching some crappy itv programme & some guy on it earlier had the best shirt ever. it says 'football, then beer, then women.' ha, what a geezer. Marcus is at band practice, so i have to entertain myself for a few hours. this will probably include; Facebook, blogs, Gossip Girl & Tumblr. fun times.

tomorrow Marcus has his last gig with his old band. it should be a good night. i am craving some wine at the moment, so i might have a lot. i'm currently undecided whether or not to go to Casinos after wards. i could do with some dancing, so i shall see.

right i'm going to relax.

bye bye

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