Tuesday, 4 May 2010


i've just been out for a very lovely meal with my friends. it's some of their fashion shows tomorrow, which am rather excited about. finally get to see what they have been slaving over for months! just in a dilemma of what to wear...hmmm. we went to a local Italian restaurant near us. me and Marcus go often cause the food is so yummy, and the guy proper loves him so he gave us all a free glass of pink champagne, which was rather nice of him! we then travelled down to Wetherspoons after finding out one place wasn't open and another was over 21's only, which one of the crowd wasn't. anyway, we had a nice drink, and after my friend Charlotte found a hair in our pitcher, we got given another one. ew ew ew, someone's hair! how sick!

today i went for a lonely walk into Chatham. i bought a few things for my photo shoot next week. it's going to be girl's getting dressed up in lots of stuff, like dressing up time, so i need lots of accessories and stuff. i took some gay pictures of a few items. all courtesy of Primark, of course. good old Primark, where would fashion students be without you???!

my boyfriend thinks the sunglasses are a bit ridiculous. i kinda have to agree. well on me anyway! i also bought some hair extensions. i haven't worn them since the Barbie blonde days, so they seem kind of strange, but i'm liking them. i don't know what made me buy them, but i did, and i'm glad :) oh also, this is my new hair colour. after the manic dyeing situation i had last week, its finally this colour. i don't really know what to call it, but i am liking it. i prefer it lighter :)

p.s Marcus mentioned today about going to Korea and Japan next year after his treatment finishes. OMGGGGGGGG i would/will be totally in my element. Hello Kitty and cute kawaii asian stuff EVERYWHERE! arghhhhh, if i could speak Korean or Japanese, i would not be coming back. need to save the pennies! - and that is literally pennies :( fml.

right i am going to go sleepies now.

goodnight xo


  1. awh i'd love to go to Japan.Cute band in the first pic, really suits you

  2. yeah, i'm so excited! thankss :) xo