Thursday, 29 April 2010

is it wrong that i bought 40 pairs of false eyelashes on Ebay? they were only about £3.00 and that's including shipping! i shall never have to buy another pair. eeek.


  1. thats amazing value! great find, i love the last lashes,feathery but not too much, Wish i had the patience to apply these

  2. Such a good idea! I'm hitting eBay as we speak!!
    I'm a lash addict but my cat always eats them if I leave them on the side, or I always just lose one! So annoying.
    Your magazine idea you posted about sounds lush, I'd well buy that!

  3. i know,such good value! haha crazy cat! thank you, i'm really excited about it. Dennis really liked it also which is a major plus! hope yours is going good :)

  4. i cant work falsies.but i can see the rationale behind getting they are tricky buggers.

    also, hope the person who let you down pulls there socks up.
    fiona xx