Monday, 24 May 2010

summer time!

well i handed in my project today. THANK GOD. i actually really liked this project, it was just the whole losing my work pissed me off. oh well, my summer can officially start! today was so lovely, i ended up going to Whitstable with Marcus, my M8 Jack Taylor and his friend Mackenzie. the weather was amazing! i hope the sunshine doesn't go away :( we ate food, i drank Lambrini (classy) and watched Marcus fail miserably at flying his kite. i definitely need to make sure i make lots of trips to the beach this summer.

Slam Dunk this weekend! cannot wait. i am rather gutted though, Crime in Stereo and Set Your Goals are on roughly the same time :( even though i love Crime in Stereo, i shall have to pick SYG over them.

i was well excited about going home next monday, but Marcus told me tonight that he had forgot we are going to see Hit The Lights in London. it's on the wednesday so a bit pointless going home for just a few days, plus i wanna spend a week with my family. anyway we are going to go on sunday 6th after i finish work. it's actually our year anniversary then, but we are gonna celebrate it more on the 2nd when we are in London. i want to go out for a meal, so we will go for lunch as the gig will be around dinner time. it should be a nice day, i'm looking forward to it.

as i have nothing to do with my life right now, i am downloading lots of music. i lost a bit of it when i changed laptops, so i have to go through my itunes to see what's missing. i'm currently listening to Deftones. i haven't listened to them in literally years. me and my best friend Laura used to so it reminds me of her :) i don't usually like bands like Deftones, but they are an exception. i'm trying to get some No Warning. i used to listen to them loads but lost all the music. i am failing however, it doesn't seem like it wants to download.

my room is mental hot right now. i have the windows wide open, but i doubt i can sleep with them like that because then i can hear all the awful chavs who walk past during the night.


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  1. congrats on the anniversary :-D
    hope you have a good weekend at slam dunk