Wednesday, 19 May 2010


well, i'm a little better today. i decided to get out of my 'woe is me' zone and actually do some work. i managed to fit all the files i needed onto my rubbish usb, and went to uni. i sat there for quite a fews hours and managed to do lots of work! good job i did, because the man who was looking at my hard drive today said that it isn't a software fault, but something more like the casing or wires, so he was unable to do anything. i am however going to take this up with Hitachi or PC World or whoever as it is there fault!

my magazine is looking pretty good, second time around! i suppose it was easier to do knowing that i had done it before, and knowing which pieces went where. i pray to god it all works out well! i added some of my illustrations in it, which you can see above. i totally forgot about them, but i think they're kinda cute and go with my magazine theme.

i'm modeling for my friend Amber tomorrow, so after that i shall go to uni pronto and finish it all! then off to the printers on Friday. i shall post up some of the pages after hand in.

my mum and dad keep texting me, which is very nice but also makes me rather jealous. whilst i'm sat in my dull room in Chatham, looking at a laptop screen, drinking 35p energy drink and cheap peanuts, they're sipping cocktails on a beautiful beach. goddamn them, but nah they actually really deserved a nice break away so i'm happy for them. sooooo excited to see them! i feel pretty home sick at the moment :( but will be all good when i go for my nice visit.

right, i'm going to go and have some dinner.

bye xo


  1. i love the illustration of the girl with the pink hair! its so so nice!