Friday, 2 April 2010

ahoy there!

Well i managed to do some shopping the other day at Bluewater. It was so nice to actually have some money for once! I bought a few things for the holiday and summer time :) As i was walking past Office i spotted some anchor espadrilles in the window, and knew i HAD to have them. I was going to get some espadrilles anyway, so with these having anchors on were a total bonus! I bought a few cute dresses from Primark and a skirt...for £2.50! Amazing.
Here's a picture of my lovely babies.

My presentation also went pretty well yesterday! I am sooo happy, i was proper scared, but they were nice and realised me and Kayleigh just didn't really enjoy it. So that's good, and we hopefully won't fail ha :)

Also some silly woman today didn't put her handbrake on the car when she went to pay for petrol, so quite a few people had to run after it when it started to roll towards a busy main road. Tut tut.

Home soon! Yay! :D
I shall probably spend the rest of the day eating junk food, drinking energy drink, watching 90210 and perhaps more useless but fun things :)


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