Tuesday, 30 March 2010


i am quite bored at the moment. i finally handed in my film project today. thank god! i'm so glad it's over, film really isn't my speciality. i'm rather excited about tomorrow, me and the boyfriend are going shopping to get a few things for our holiday next week! eee! i haven't had money in what seems like forever, so i'm pretty happy! i can't go too crazy with it though :( boo.

also got tickets for Reading last night (thanks to Marcus) eventually after been on the phone for 2 hours. i've never been before so i'm really looking forward to it. Blink 182 are confirmed also, so that's pretty awesome. hope they are still good, but at least i saw them back in the day. i've also just seen a few more bands confirmed for Slam Dunk. i swear it's like the best line-up there was everrr. now Crime In Stereo have been confirmed and i love them, so yay!

i've made a moodboard thing on Polyvore, which is basically what i want from Topshop. so really a wishlist! i really should be writing my essay for uni, but i can't be bothered. don't really have the inspiration right now so i shall watch 90210 :)xo

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