Tuesday, 23 February 2010

well, i had a tutorial today for my dissertation. i now know what i am going to write about, so that's made me feel a bit more relaxed. i have decided i am going to look into celebrities, and how the general public and media are obsessed. my lecturer told me to just research loads to do with celebrities, without narrowing it down, then i will eventually find a path i want to go down. i am kinda leaning towards either how the public idolise certain celebrities and live their lives through them kinda. in a lecture this morning, it was brought up how a lot of people know more about Cheryl Cole and her relationship turmoil - for example - but don't really know how their best friend is doing etc... I think this is so true. i personally aren't a follower of celeb gossip. i do have certain celebrities i admire, but i don't follow their every move and buy gossip magazines just to see what they're up to. i couldn't care less to be honest. their are far more important things going on in the world, rather than having the affairs of certain footballers and popstars splashed all over the front page. BUT this is what many people, not all, would rather read. the newspapers and magazines obviously know what will sell, and it's kinda sad that it is those kind of stories. it also shows how it is feeding down to children, as my lecturer was telling me in my tutorial earlier about how a load of school children were asked what their ambitions were for the future. about 50% said to be "famous". when asked how they were to become famous, many answered; by being on reality shows such as Big Brother. brilliant. what happened to the 'when i grow up i want to be a fireman' or '...a doctor' etc... sad times. but i suppose with the culture of today, and the big media frenzy surrounding them, no wonder a lot of them think like that.
anywayyy i can see that i can rant about it, so maybe this is the right subject for me. it will be interesting to see which route i take!!

on a less work driven note, slam dunk are announcing more acts later! eeee! i'm excited to see who else will playing this already awesome mini fest. i neeed to buy my tickets tonight.

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