Wednesday, 9 December 2009



eeek it's actually freezing in my room. my fingers are ice cold..not good.
anyway, haven't posted in a few days, been pretty busy with uni and seeing my family etc.. went to london again on monday with my parents and boyfriend. had such a nice time. forget how much i miss my momma and dad :( suckks but i will see them soon at christmas!
i loved just walking around london, wrapped up warm and looking at the christmas lights and decorations. made me happy :) also went to chinatown. i wanted to buy some hello kitty sweets and stuff but didn't really have time. i love all the packaging for sweets in the chinese supermarkets. they're all bright and lovely!
in victoria station whilst waiting for a train, i had some sushi from the wasabi take-away. omgggg so good! i proper love sushi, and i felt a lot healthier afterwards rather than feeling like a little fatty if i'd had mc donalds!

some yummy sweets i want <3


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