Wednesday, 30 October 2013

a new start..


literally haven't posted on this for ages. I even forgot I had it to be honest, but I decided I might give it a go again! Here's to a new start.

 Lately I have been doing my illustration which I love so much. I currently don't have my cards/prints on sale online but will start that up soon. I am however selling some in a small boutique in Hull called Camden's Closet, which sells women's clothing, menswear and accessories.

This is a freehand card which I made the other day for my friend who graduated. It's quite different to the style I usually do but I really enjoyed doing it. Have made a few more personalised ones for friends upcoming birthdays. I've also decided to do some special Christmas cards for close friends and family. When I have done some designs I will post them up.

Well...Halloween is tomorrow. I actually love Halloween but never do much for it which sucks. I did however carve a pumpkin the other day a la Jack Skellington, but apart from that, not much else spooky is going on. I had already decided on my outfit if I were to venture anywhere, which was going to be the simple but effective look of Wednesday Addams. Yeah, I know it's an oldie but I do think it's a good look.


Well I will finish this short and long awaited post with a picture of the amazing Wednesday and my spooky pumpkin creation. More posts will be up soon, I promise! Getting back into this blogging thing is fun, even if I am unsure whether anyone still reads this? Is there anyone out there?

Au revoir!


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