Tuesday, 14 February 2012



and Happy Valentines Day. I am not sad and resorting to my computer instead of being lavished with flowers and chocolates, Valentines Day for me will start properly tonight. So I thought whilst I have some spare time as I wait in for my new iphone 4G to be delivered (so excited!) I may as well blog.

In the last couple of days I have treated myself to a few things; i bought the espadrilles at the top which are from River Island £12.00, along with the thick soled trainers £20.00. I know it is far too early for the espadrilles, but I just had to have them. *please summer hurry up!* I love the thick sole of creepers but just couldn't decide whether or not it was worth me buying any so I just thought I would get some thick soled trainers.

Yesterday my Mum treated me to the flower print dress from Next, £45.00. I never usually shop in Next but I spotted it and she decided to treat me. It's not normally my thing and doesn't look as good in that picture as it does on, but it is actually really sweet. Makes me feel a bit like I'm in the 1940s - and like Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor as Evelyn Johnson (well in my dreams!)  

I think i may wear it tonight for my Valentines meal and accessorize with red lips! Hope everyone else has a nice day whatever you do, whether it be with friends or a loved one.

Emily xo

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