Monday, 20 February 2012

oh, Daphne

Today was a long, long day spent in the hospital. From 9.00 am until midnight. I am still up as I have drank many energy drinks throughout the day. Tomorrow me & my boyfriend are going to a lovely hotel for a night, so I am very excited as it looks really posh. Whilst I was sat today in between trying my hardest to get a good score on Temple Run (ahhh it's so addictive!) I managed to sketch some more drawings of the beautiful Daphne Groeneveld. I just love her face so much. I might do some digital images of her soon and work on colour in Photoshop.

I need to work on it + add some more shading. 
Not really loving many of the LFW collections so far. Maybe some will catch my eye soon.
Also I am really addicted to the Wildfox photo shoots collections. They just scream summer which makes me feel happy. The sun was out today and even though the heat wasn't with it, it was still lovely.

Emily xo

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