Thursday, 13 October 2011

Primark A/W collection

Well, yes it seems Primark are stepping up their game and have released an Autumn/Winter limited edition collection, which launched yesterday. As soon as I saw the words on the Cosmopolitan website I did get sightly excited and curious, but when I looked the apparently "best" pieces I was somewhat disappointed. I don't love Primark and I am nowadays trying to spend whatever spare money I do get on better quality products but every now and then they do have good bargains which I cannot resist. These are the apparently better pieces below. They're not bad but I don't see anything which jumps out from the screen. I must say that I do quite like the oh so tacky glitter shoes.

...but then I saw some more pictures of the collection on the Marie Claire and InStyle websites and I was surprised. I don't think any of it is really my cup of tea but there are some cute looks.

There are some nice looks, but then I wonder if they look the same in real life. I haven't got a chance to see any of it up close...have you seen it yet? What do you think?


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