Sunday, 16 October 2011

Introducing: Kevin Tong & John Vogl'

Yesterday on the way back from the hospital, me and my boyfriend went to Greenwich for a couple of hours. After we had some food we went for a walk around the market. Around the outside of the stalls are little shops with some really cute things in them. There is also a lot of art. We went into one shop which was actually linked to a gallery a bit further down & the art work was amazing. It was full of screen printed movie posters - but a different take on them. All really arty & bright. I fell in love with quite a few. We then went into the gallery which we didn't realise was joined at first & there was an exhibition going on called: 'Introducing: Kevin Tong & John Vogl'

It was really cool inside and the pictures were amazing. I saw a movie poster screen print for Edward Scissorhands which I wanted straight away. I cannot find any images of it but trust me, it was awesome. Anyway I found some pictures on the Flood Gallery website so you can see what sort of thing there is there. Also I definitely recommend you take a look if you happen to be around or in Greenwich anytime soon.

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