Monday, 10 October 2011

Crazy things!

the jellyfish were definitely one of my favourites, they look so pretty!

we had to either take our shoes off on the boat or wear silly plastic things over them. i opted for no shoes & Marcus had the crazy clown feet.

some cool & quirky things in the vintage indoor market. i definitely want some of these things in my house when i'm older.

the new wheel (Brighton eye?)

me being stupid & too big for the little Hello Kitty car :(

these are my images i took from when me & my boyfriend went to Brighton last week. they are rubbish quality, 'cause unlike him, I only have my rubbish iphone to take the pictures & the camera is terrible! anyway, as the weather had been crazy hot & i had been at work all of those days, finally on my day off we decided to go to Brighton & go to the Sealife Centre. but oh yes, on my day off the weather obviously went back to being October weather, & being by the sea made it so much colder and windier (I HATE WIND)

anyway we had such a lovely day & the Sealife Centre was pretty good. there are some weird things in there! we went on a glassbottom boat which took us over a large tank with sharks, massssssive turtles which were 75 years old, and other crazy creatures. we also saw a fish being eaten alive by sea turtles which was lovely, especially right before we ate lunch. after we had wandered around the Laines & various other places we had to go on the pier. it was extremely cold but it was nice walking around on it with the music playing. nice day!


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