Monday, 18 July 2011

i love my princess cup.

yep i do love my cup. sometimes i think i should grow up + perhaps not love everything pink, princessy or hello kitty-involved, but then i think...wahhh what the hell! the other picture is of my lovely tourist t-shirt i picked up on my travels in south korea. i absolutely love holiday t-shirts. this one isn't quite as tacky as i hoped but i still love it. got it for a bargain for around £3.00 as well. today has been another hospital day :( so not much going on apart from applying for jobs. my dad rang me today with good news that i will have some work next week. it involves inspecting cars + is £12 an hour, so i can't wait to start that + earn some good money. i need it. i just have so many things in my head which i want to buy...wish list...
horse clutch - asos - £30

leopard print sling back heel - river island - £55
aztec bralet - topshop - £10

black maxi skirt - river island - £25
(what a bargain!!!!)

white jersey maxi dress - topshop - £50

over-sized headband - topshop - £10

peep toe platform - river island - £85

vest - topshop - £22 yeah, this is only a fraction of what i want, but it's a varied choice. need to concentrate on getting a house soon with my girlies. need to save for deposit + rent, urghhhh money money money!!!



  1. Im the same i love hello kitty and princess things.I dont want to grow up.I like your hair.Good wish list, i like the bow head band i have a similar one from Lady luck rules ok that is no more, its grey with a yellow bow. Gem xx

  2. Yeah, they're too cute! Ha i know but i just wish i could afford it all + more! thanksss :)