Friday, 4 February 2011


it has been like a trillion years since i wrote anything. i mainly blog on my tumblr. lately i have been doing my dissertation & stuff. it was ok, but i await my results. i hope i did well! had a long time off over christmas, and finally made it back to uni the monday just gone. there is so much work to do! i have started my FMP, & i have decided to make a magazine/zine full of music, lifestyle, fashion, art. it will be unisex and be really creative. i mainly want to focus on music. i am also going to get my friend Jack Taylor to help me out with illustration. i have my first review on monday & then i get to go home for a few days. we have got a new puppy! & we get her sunday, so i am traveling up monday after my review to see her. i literally cannot wait to see her! i shall take loads of pictures & post them on here.

i am a bit unsure on how i want my final zine/magazine to look, but i'm pretty sure i want it to look really creative and different. i think i want it a5, as most zines are that size and mine will have a bit more of a magazine look to it instead of just rough like a zine. i want elements of a zine though. i think i want lots of different paper used too. like on some pages it will be card, some tracing paper and some just normal. i haven't really seen anything like this so i hope it will work. i am also wanting mine to be really different, which is what we need to make sure we do. we obviously need to have a market for what we want to create & i think there is one for my idea. yes there are lots of magazines out there for music, but mainly mainstream music. it seems unsigned bands need to create the hype for themselves and information on them can only be found on websites etc... i guess a lot of them don't care about not being in kerrang etc... but i think it would be nice to have a little magazine dedicated to this kinda stuff for the audience it is aimed at.

these two images are from here. i think they are really good, i love illustration & want to combine work like this with lots of writing within my fmp zine.

i might start doing some drawings now and experiment. i have tomorrow off work & really want to do something tonight but loads of people are busy :( boooo.


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