Wednesday, 24 November 2010

i definitely should be doing work instead of messing around with my nails, but i was deserving of a break, plus my nails were beginning to look like mini train wrecks. i was going to paint them just a plain colour; my good old faithful Nails Inc. in a baby pink, but i decided to go a bit wild and try some designs. i have tried this in the past but it has never been successful as i always get bored and don't wait for them to dry, which ends up in major smudge-ness. anyway, for some reason tonight, i managed to not smudge them. well not much. they're really not brilliant at all, especially compared to some that i see, but given as i am a true amateur and i don't have any good nail art products, i think they are pretty ok. i love nail patterns. they are so cute and girly.

i definitely want this set of Nails Inc. glitter varnishes. at work on Sunday, my friend Lauren who works on Coast and cosmetics, got her nails painted in one of these and they looked amazing! me and another girl from work went and had a little look around at all the wonderful colours and saw the set of these 3. i love them!!! i think glitter is amazing, so these would look perfect. they're only £20 as well, which is not bad considering a usual pot of they're nail varnish is £11.

i really want them, but due to lack of funds as per usual, i cannot afford them. meh. i might go purchase the nice glitter one from Models Own at a nice cheap-ish £5.

a quick update on my life so far. i have tonnes of Uni work to do, but i am getting there. i just want it all to be handed in so i can get on with the festivities. on Friday i am hopefully going to The Purple Turtle in Camden as my boyfriend and his new band are playing with an awesome, awesome band called Cerebal Ballzy. i saw them at Reading and they were good, so should be a good night, as long as there is room in the car for me! Last Friday i went to The Old Blue Last to see an awesome, old-ish hardcore band from the Kent area called November Coming Fire. they haven't played for a few years and they have just come back. it was a really fun night. especially when i got my £2.50 pizza later on ha. a band called Tropics opened, and they were awesome too. i was really impressed.

right, i have my heater on so i am all warm and snuggley in bed. i might attempt a bit more work, or i might fall asleep. i'll see how i feel in the next 5 minutes.

bye xo

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