Thursday, 3 June 2010

London anniversary day

these photos were from yesterday. i had suchhhhh a fun time. London was absolutely sunny and boiling hot! i always think it's going to be cold so i took a big black cardigan, which was such a mistake. anyway, Marcus had planned to take me to a restaurant, and wouldn't tell me which. turns out it was Benni Hanna!! omggg was amazing. there was no one in unfortunately as it was lunch time, but the experience was still super cool. if you've never been, then you should definitely go. there are tabls with about 10 seats around each, and then they all have a cooker attached. you choose what you want and the chef then comes and cooks everything right in front of you! sooooo cool, and he was really nice, and did crazy tricks like throwing an egg in the air and slicing it on a knife, and then he threw some rice in the air to Marcus and he caught it in his mouth! was so impressive! i could never do that, i would probably choke ha. we also had lots of sushi, and it was really fresh and just 10x better than any i've tasted before. i'd love to go back on an evening for dinner. bless him for taking me. we then got ice cream and wandered round China Town. i was in my element, but resisted the piles and piles of cute stuff, and bought myself a little bear with a funny face for £1.50.

in Piccadilly, we stumbled across 'Pasaje del Terror'. OMGGGGGGG. if you wanna be scared shitless, then i suggest this. Marcus had seen it on tv, and the guy had to run out he was so scared. anyway, it was 2 for 1, for this day only (yeah right) and we had wanted to do it for a while, so i thought why not. i knew i'd regret it if i didn't go on. i love scary attractions and stuff, but oh jesus, i was terrified. everyone was laughing at me cause i was screaming and crying at everything and trying to run in front of the people, as we were at the back. it's kinda like a maze, and each bit there are different scary characters such as, Freddy Kruger, Jason AND the exorcist girl. she was absolutely terrifying. they don't just jump out no, they all creep & run & stumble after you!!! plus we were at the back so i was just going crazy screaming and shouting at them 'please stop it!' haha bet they had a laugh at my expense. i really recommend it, but you will be really scared if you're anything like me!

after i had chilled out a bit, we went onto Camden, as we were going to see a gig at the Barfly later on. when we got to Camden, most of the places were shutting down, so after i imaginatively got called 'pink lips' by some chavs, we went to Wetherspoons next to the river and shared a bottle of rose. it was so lovely just watching the world go by, which was briefly interrupted by some crazy drug lady asking for change for the train (hmmmm). we then went on to Barfly, and watched the band. they were really good. we saw them at Slam Dunk, but i prefer smaller venues as it's a better atmosphere. after that, we then got the train home. i am still so tired. it is actually our anniversary on Sunday, but we were going to London anyway, so thought we would celebrate it then. plus we are travelling to Hull on Sunday to see the parents :)

also my mum had her yearly check up today and everything was fine, so i am very happy.



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