Monday, 14 June 2010

home is where the heart is

first of all omgggg, how cute is this???!!? i love finding crazy cute pictures of little animals! ha sad i know but this is too cute. i need it in my life. Marcus said it looks like an alien. perhaps a little, but a goddamn cute one!

well, last week i went to the sunny north. ha what a joke! it rained all week! not good. however i had a nice time. i feel strange sometimes when i go home. i do love it, but it always takes me a couple of days to get back into the swing of things. i annoy my mum and she annoys me. after a few days, and a teary drunken wine induced night crying and arguing (whilst Marcus was watching probably wondering what the hell kind of family we are!) we were fine, but then i have to leave :( sucksss. i guess i'm just used to living without parental rules and the other stuff which comes along with the parents. i do miss it but i've kinda grown out of it. i do miss them loads.

i got kinda sad at home too. my doggy is quite old, and i've had her nearly most of my life, of what i can remember, and unfortunately she's going a little bit crazy. my mum thinks she has dementia, or something like that. she looks so old, and i can tell a lot more as i don't see her often so it comes as a shock to me when i do see her. my mum told me to say my last goodbyes to her. i feel i will see her again though. she is a little fighter. i will be absolutely devastated when she does go. some people don't understand the animal bond, i guess if they haven't grown up with pets etc... but i love her to pieces. she really is part of the family, and as i've said, she has grown up with me through most of my life. i hope i see her again :(

i did some nice things whilst being home, despite the crap weather. went out for some meals, saw friends and family, went to York, on a speed boat and lots more. i took Marcus to this awesome vintage shop in York. i proper love it, and wish there was one down here. it's called Deep, and i just love everything about it. the layout of the store, to the clothes, to the prices. Marcus got a cool 87' Giants t-shirt and a tye-dye one. both were only £10 each. you would never get that in the South. also it didn't have a fusty, old smell to the place. i know some people prob crave that but i don't. their plastic bags (yes plastic) were even funny, with the phrase 'i heart it Deep' on them. a nice touch! well if you're going to York anytime soon, i definitely recommend going. it even made me bring my sewing machine back down with me. i'm going to start attempting to make and customize things in my spare time, which is a hell of a lot of time at the moment :(

Marcus also had his 2nd to last gig with MexicoFallz. it was in Huddersfield. we had a little walk around beforehand but it was pretty dead. the gig was ok, but i was too tired to enjoy it really. their last one is July 1st at Beacon Court, Gillingham. i get paid that day, so i am going to get drunk, yayyy. should be a good gig!

i took some images over last week with my awesome Hipstamatic camera iphone app. take a look. the first 3 are from Rochester fair.

ohh yes and i've also become part of the Vice blogging network. check out my cool badge down the side :)

i have NOTHING to do all week, so a lot of pictures and random shit might be posted.

au reviour xo

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