Wednesday, 16 June 2010

fashion toast


as i have said before, i love looking on fashion toast, because i love everything Rumi wears. she always looks effortlessly good, but not too over the top or too "fashiony", i know it's not a word but i think it fits. the above outfit is definitely one of my favourites. i never usually wear white, but i just adore the over sized vest teamed with the very cute cropped thermal, which she cut herself (according to her blog). i like the way she has left the edge kinda messy, instead of cutting it really neat. looks good.

anyway yeah i really love the whole wearing layers, and the white works well in summer as lots of layering can sometimes look quite bulky and more for the winter season, but this works oh so well. love it!


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  1. My impressions? gorgeous, the least i can say