Tuesday, 22 June 2010

diy day


how hot is today!? crazzzy but so good. i love it.

well my mum reminded me that is it my nanna's birthday on Saturday, & to get her a card. i looked yesterday but i couldn't find any that nice, and she's pretty particular about cards, don't know why. suppose it's an old person thing ha. soo i decided to make one! i haven't made one in a while, & it's not that good really, but i guess she will know i put lots of effort in, rather than just buying any old one. i also don't really have any good stuff lying around, but it's kinda cute.

not been up to much recently apart from working on the weekend. next week we have to move out for summer from this house & our landlord is coming to check the house. we will have to clean & tidy like crazzzzy which is bull shit, because the house was awful when we moved in, but that's what you get for having the worst landlord ever!! might be going to Source Bar tonight in Maidstone for some pop-punk night thing, but i'll see how i feel. i've just painted my nails, but it keeps going wrong! i wanted to do some cute nail art stuff, but i was unsuccessful, so i am now going for a pastel hue in 'lavender' from the Emily polish i found in Spain for like 50p or something. it's actually really good & cause it has my name, even better!
also come to this show. it's their last everrr show, & the 2 bands playing with them are awesome. should be a good night.


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