Monday, 28 June 2010

well, tomorrow i have all the fun of cleaning the rest of the house with the girls, & doing the whole garden. argh!! so not looking forward to it. cannot wait until it is all over.

on a lighter note, i am going to get a new tattoo this week. hopefully either on Wednesday or Thursday. it is just couple of roses that i have drawn myself, which i want on my arm near my wrist. i hope someone can fit me in, & that it is no more than £60ish. i only want the outline for now, but i also do really like outline tattoos. i know a lot of the time people have them because they are waiting for them to be filled in, but i just love the way they look (if they are good obviously!)

i watched a good documentary last night. it was on Norwegian black metal, ha, but was pretty cool. they seem very scary, a lot like their music really. it was about a couple of bands (i've forgotten their morbid sounding names) & about how one guy was in jail after murdering one of the others, & then another guy shot himself & his friend found him. before his friend actually called the police, he decided to take a picture of his dead friend with his brain and shit all over the place, and then the band had it as their album cover. nice! i wanted to watch Phillip Morris i love you, but i did enjoy learning a bit about the black metal happenings. oh & they also burnt down churches. nice bunch of guys!

this weekend has been amazing for weather. shame i was at work, but i am definitely going to make sure i go to Brighton soon. i love it sooo much, & this is so the weather for walking around & visiting the beach. even though i was at work yesterday, i did manage to watch the appalling, erm, game of football, if you can call it that for the England side. we were supposed to take it in turns to go up & watch some, but me & a few girls from French Connection & Coast, decided we would just watch it anyway. we had to be patriotic, plus it was proper dead. even though we were sat on brand new expensive sofas, watching gigantic wide screen tv's, it didn't make up for the poor poor attempt at football our supposedly best players of England were trying to do. they were RUBBISH. worst England team i have ever seen. ah well. if you haven't checked out my blog shop already, then please do so! i'm going to go & try to keep my chocolate craving at bay

bye bye

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