Monday, 31 May 2010



well i was proper gutted this weekend. Slam Dunk South was an absolute joke. i am gonna rant a bit now so yeah. but anyway it was THE worst. i am unbelievably gutted. we got in fine, walked around for a bit, then The Wonder Years was on. couldn't get into the room to see them. i heard them fine, but to be honest i could have just been listening to them at home. next on we wanted to see were Hit The Lights. i am actually going to see them this Wednesday in London, can't wait! they were awesome, and it was in the massive concert room, which was very packed but it was cool. after that we wanted to get a drink and stand outside for some fresh air. after about 10 minutes we realised that Set Your Goals was on. they're like one of the main bands i wanted to see. but oh no, the bouncer/security guard man would only let a few people in at a time. so i was stood outside, cold and wet as it had just started to rain, and missing SYG. he eventually let us in, and it leads onto the rest of the building so we (and loads of other people) thought we could cut through, but no, a woman was stood there telling everyone it was just an exit and we couldn't go through! why the fuck didn't the other guy tell us that!?!? so we went outside and started queuing up at another entrance. there was about 200 other people and it was still raining. by now i had realised that i had completely missed SYG :( there was loads of space inside so i just couldn't understand why they wouldn't let us in. after half an hour, Marcus realised we could get in through the canteen entrance, so we did. but when we got inside, they wouldn't let us upstairs, which is where we needed to be.

after waiting for another half an hour on the stairs, and me writing a very angry e-mail to Slam Dunk stating i wanted my money back, Marcus eventually got through, but due to me being weak, i got pushed behind ha, and then the security guard wouldn't let anymore of us through. one of Marcus's fave bands was just about to start so i motioned to him to go, but the security guards made everyone move on anyway. another 10 minutes passed, then i eventually got free! i kinda felt like i was in a prisoner of war camp! i wandered around on my own, and tried to find were Marcus was but the rooms weren't named very well. a tiny piece of white paper with the room names scrawled on in marker pen. i also think some really funny people were switching the names around, which just made the time a whole lot more fun for everyone who actually likes music and wanted to see bands play.

i started to feel a bit sorry for myself but decided to just go and watch FYS in the big room instead of wandering around aimlessly. got a snakebite and went to enjoy them and they were AWESOME. such a good band, and even better live. after i danced around a bit on my own LOL, i thought i would go find Marcus before NFG started. BIG MISTAKE. as soon as i went out of that room, i realised there was a massive queue of people trying to get in for NFG. i then got a text to from Marcus saying that he was in the room i had just left! grrrr! so after i waited on the stairs for what felt like ages, listening to them starting to play :( i then spotted a girl mouthing 'we can get in downstairs' to a boy, i ran down to the other door which was now clear. they were so amazing. i've loved them for years, so to see them live was good. i went quite near the front as i wanted to get close, but not in the mosh pit! worst nightmare being in there haha. i got another drink at the bar and watched them whilst being surrounded by sweaty half naked men, ew. after a while i thought i would go try and find Marcus, and i did, as well as some of my friends.

afterwards i got a photo with the lead singer of FYS. he was a really nice guy, but i look horrendous in it! why when i get pictures with celebrities or something cool, do i always look gross?!?! sooo yeah, was cool i got to see those bands but other than that, i'm pretty annoyed about the whole rubbish event. next year, i shall be going back to Leeds. yeah it's further away but it was way more organised and it was a fun road trip.

on a lighter note, i am really confused about my next project. we have to do the whole research over summer, and it's something to do with fragrance. they've told us to collect anything and everything which inspires us over summer. sometimes i do find it harder to do something when it isn't narrowed down. i guess they are preparing us for when we leave uni, because then we will have to be more independent. i have already kinda started mine. i know it's perhaps a bit sad to start so quick but i don't really have anything else to do, and i find research fun!

tomorrow me and Marcus are going to London for our meal and to see HTL. i am so excited but i really hope it is sunny. what has happened to the nice weather?! i swear that as soon as i finished uni and actually have time to laze around in parks or go to the beach, the beautiful weather disappears and the rain comes back! boo! it best not be raining when i go up to Yorkshire. i want lots of BBQ's in my garden, and to go on nice day trips.

i am going to go back to my busy life of...watching Gossip Girl.


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