Sunday, 16 May 2010

ok, so this ring is AMAZING. i asked Marcus to buy me a ring for my birthday. not an engagement one obv, just a nice one from him. i was on the Argos site and found some pretty cute ones, but somehow got on to Tiffany's. oops. why do i do it to myself!? it's only £4,552,500!!!! don't think i'll ever be getting that ha. think i'll stick to Argos. however, this is the ring i want for my engagement, the Tiffany Legacy. (yes, i am wedding obsessed) so beautiful, i've wanted it for years. and at just under £10,000 compared to the previous ring, it's a bargain really :) ha who am i kidding.

1 comment:

  1. stunning ring! think i'll have to settle for good ol elizabeth duke for my wedding ring. haha x