Wednesday, 26 May 2010

listen to your friends

so, got an awesome app on my iphone today. it cost like £1.59 or something like that but it's worth it. it's like an old school camera. (pictures above!) takes really cool vintage looking pictures, and you can change the lens, flash and film. some are free but then you can upgrade others for just 59p. which i think is pretty cool cause i love the picture effects it produces. i took a few images today messing around. it's weird how technology produces stuff to make everything easier for us like digital cameras, but now loads of people want to go back to film cameras. i can totally understand why though. i do think there is something special about film, and the photo just looks nice. it's obviously not as convenient as digital however. at least i now have a bit of both! i adore how photos looked in the 60s and 70s. i might drag some of my family albums out when i get back home, as there are some really cool pictures of my mum and dad back in the day.

just listening to New Found Glory and getting psyched for this weekend! so excited to see them. oh and i also had a go at skateboarding today ha. i just wanted to see if i could stand on it and move along without falling off, and i can! that is as far as i will go though. i don't want any cuts and bruises.

i have work tomorrow night and SYG are playing Kingston :( boo



  1. that cardi is amazing! love it

  2. thank you. purchased from a charity shop! bargain!

  3. Wow, such a good app!! Think I'm getting an iphone in the summer, just nervous about the texting situation...
    I love NFG, they are probably my number one band. Have seen SYG before, they are so random live... Great, but the two front men look ridiculous next to eachother! The little guy is about 4ft and looks and sounds like he's 11 years old. Haha.