Wednesday, 5 May 2010

fashion show day.

i went to see the final collection fashion show today. it was held at Casino Rooms in Rochester. my friend's Millie and Tash's collection was in the one i went to see and it was amazing! i was so proud! they both definitely deserve to go to GFW. fingers crossed! another amazing collection was from a student called Emma Box. unfortunately i had left buying the tickets til really late, so me and Marcus could only get standing. this seemed to be a bad idea after stood about 10 minutes in my massive heels, but luckily some people hadn't turned up, so someone working there asked us if we would like to sit in them, i very quickly said yes! thank god i did!

afterwards we went to the cinema to see Iron Man 2. after weeks and weeks of Marcus trying to make me watch the first one so i was prepared for the second one, i really got into the story, and it was a very good film. i love Marvel films. the special effects were amazing, but i cringed a lot when he "ruined" his amazing house in Malibu. i know it's not real obv, but i still didn't like it! Mickey Rourke played such a good part but i cannot get over how hideous he is! without sounding horrible, i just can't get my head around him being the same guy in 9 and a half weeks! he has not aged well! i thought Gywneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr, played very good parts too. i wasn't that struck on Miss Johansson however. i don't know what it is about her, but i just am not a fan.

i shall get on with some work now. i really need to plan for my shoots next week. i hope they go well! i need to see the weather forecast for Monday, because i want to that one on location, on a beach, so rain would be a big no, no. i am quite happy with my work so far, i have actually filled my sketchbook already. i have to keep adding in new pieces of paper, which looks messy but i love it when sketchbooks have so much stuff in and random bits.

over and out.


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